Introducing KYVE

After some intensive programming, integrating, and testing, we are super excited to introduce KYVE!

KYVE is a decentralized archiving and caching solution that allows modern blockchains and decentralized applications (dApps) to store and serve data reliably. Our mission is quite ambitious but necessary: as fierce advocates of Web 3.0, we want to help projects reach infinite scalability by reliably and permanently storing their data.

Why is data causing scalability issues?

While working on different projects in the blockchain industry, we realized that the current state of infrastructure had limitations, especially when it comes to data retrieval.

Retrieving long sequences of data can be burdensome, mainly when elements are computationally dependent on each other or when a stream requires significant computing power and, therefore, is not easy to handle. Synchronization times are a growing point of concern when nodes first enter blockchain networks. For example, synchronizing a full archival node on Ethereum takes weeks, as it requires recomputing the entire history of transactions. Without intervention, syncing threatens to become a multi-year endeavor.

After analyzing the currently available solutions and consulting many Layer 1 projects, we realized that there was no out-of-the-box solution to solve these problems in a unified manner, even though data is a crucial element of any project. In other words, there were no projects that provided flexible and structured data access on different blockchains without requiring custom development work.

What is KYVE, and how is it solving these issues?

With our decentralized archival framework, we offer a unified solution for all blockchain data needs. We standardize, validate, and permanently store any generated data stream. By leveraging Arweave, our solution secures the scalability, immutability, and availability of these resources over time.

KYVE is a fully decentralized protocol that can store any kind of data on Arweave

Data providers can seamlessly store and verify their data streams by setting up their archiving pool. Each pool is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) powered by SmartWeave, the Arweave smart contracting language.

Uploaders and validators secure the validity of the data inside each pool:

  • Uploaders fetch data from a source and can perform computational work before storing it on Arweave.
  • Validators determine the integrity of the data and have the ability to vote on the slashing of an uploader’s stake if terms are not respected.

Once data is stored it can easily be retrieved using KYVE’s query interface, or by accessing it directly in Arweave. KYVE’s validation and Arweave’s immutability, combined, guarantee data integrity towards downstream users.

A pool is funded with $KYVE tokens. By staking and slashing $KYVE tokens, the system ensures participants behave in harmony with the pools’ objectives, punishing misbehavior and rewarding valid entries.

With KYVE, anyone can participate in the storage initiatives by funding the pools and depositing $KYVE tokens

What comes next?

We reached our first milestone when we successfully launched the Alpha testnet. Therefore, the exciting road to mainnet has started, and we cannot wait to achieve more in the upcoming months. Our roadmap is divided into three major sections:

Product Refinement

Our primary focus is to gather as much data and feedback as possible from our users and iterate until obtaining a stabilized and scalable testnet. We want to build the most efficient decentralized middleware of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. We are product-first and we are committed to continuously improving our technology and user experience.

New partnerships

We have successfully partnered with major blockchains such as Cosmos, Polkadot, and Solana, just to name a few. We want to continue to integrate more Layer 1s and Layer 2s throughout the blockchain ecosystem.

Project Awareness

Having a strong community of advocates for open-source technology and decentralization, blockchain developers, and people passionate about the Web 3.0 space is our highest priority for the upcoming months. To achieve it, we will collaborate with our partners to co-create marketing initiatives like Hackathons, Bounties, and other actions that will strengthen the community.

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